Kingdom Come


RLNTLSS is a ministry that has been contemplated for many years. In 2007, the inception began through weekend concerts at Praise Chapel Rancho Cucamonga, called the Nitty Gritty Venue. For seven years, weekend after weekend, the group would share the Gospel through Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Indie, Hip-Hop & Spoken Word shows. Seeing hundreds of lives come to know Christ and Discipling young people through weekly bible Sesh's (studies).  


The group knew that there was a call to do something more for young people. Years passed, then in the summer of 2017, Pastor Javier Solis and friends began to brainstorm, plan and put this project into motion. The RLNTLSS team is about one thing... sharing the Gospel, to all people.  

The team is full of young people who are excited and passionate to communicate the Love of Christ in a relevant way. The team is not about bringing another point of view of religion. But, to bring a clear picture of having a personal relationship with Christ.